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National Air Traffic Services - UK - 2009

Key requirement: To deliver and satisfy the support requirements for relocation & operation of the London Military air RADAR system (LMARS) from West Drayton, London to Swanwick in Hampshire.

To succeed in the above requirement our client needed expert advice in the provision of Integrated Logistical Support (ILS) services to aid in maximising supportability of the replicated LMARS system while minimising support costs. The client took the opportunity during the transfer to upgrade existing sub-systems through the procurement of Commercial off-the shelf (COTS) equipment.

Modern Air Traffic Control systems incorporate many items of COTS hardware and software. The maximisation of the overall cost-effectiveness of system support relies in part on ensuring that appropriate strategies are developed for handling inevitable situations where COTS items are no longer produced and/or supported by the original vendors.

With this philosophy in mind the client used the analysis to determine the best course of action for managing maintenance costs while improving service reliability. The analysis employed is normally reserved for military applications however, for this project, it was not acceptable for the client to provide a service with unknown supportability costs during the project lifecycle.
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ILS Complete were awarded a contract to assist in identifying the support requirements for the LMARS project. Services provided include:

• On-going Logistic Support Analysis (LSA) for all LMARS sub-systems.
• Reliability analysis to identify system weaknesses.
• Best way forward maintenance strategy for obsolete equipment.
• Spares strategy – for legacy & new equipment.